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Microaggressions & Psychological Safety


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Have you ever heard the term “microaggressions?” Or perhaps someone gave you the side-eye and mentioned that you committed one? You and others may believe these are seemingly benign, “jokey” comments about someone’s appearance or part of their identity—individually or as part of a social group. But here’s the twist: whether it’s a verbal, behavioral, or environmental slight, it’s no laughing matter for many on the receiving end. Some are genuinely hurt.

Now, imagine a workspace where everyone’s walking on eggshells, too anxious to voice their thoughts or share experiences. Sounds stifling, right? That’s what a lack of psychological safety in the workplace feels like!  And without it, those seemingly tiny microaggressions keep piling up, casting a cloud over the office atmosphere and impacting the culture and possibly the organization’s success.  To better understand microaggressions and their impact, let’s dive in.

After this course, you should be able to:

  • Define the different types of microaggressions and their impact on the workplace.
  • Outline psychological safety principles and benefits to individuals, teams, and the workplace.

Apply inclusive practices to help build a more psychologically safe workplace environment to mitigate microaggressions.

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  • Microaggressions Psychological Safety

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