Yvonne Alston

Chief Culture Architect, CEO & Founder

Founder Yvonne Alston’s heart and head are at the foundation of Indelible Impressions. She is an unapologetically authentic amplifier and advocate for DEI+B and Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI). Yvonne has partnered with organizations that span the public, private and nonprofit organizations, across disciplines and industries to advance DEI+B initiatives of world-renowned organizations and those in smaller communities.

Her compassionate style and approach is 100% rooted in purpose and focused on meeting people where they are on their culture broadening journey. And, you can sense it in every engagement – 1:1 or with a large audience, in-person or virtually.

Yvonne founded Indelible Impressions to help advance important conversations, education and training by making it accessible to as many individuals and organizations as possible to help people understand the importance of culture and its impact on the human and employee experience.

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